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In the Kitchen Garden with Mickey

Oct 5, 2019

Mickey reviews her year of podcasting in the Kitchen Garden, reminding us that a garden requires vigilance and nurture as well as a good deal of physical labour….but then, it is a labour of love!
A constant cycle for the gardener and garden; it’s a symbiotic relationship that yields wide ranging benefits, from sense...

Sep 7, 2019

Although a final episode to wrap the series is in the wings; Mickey closes out the year of monthly podcast episodes during this time of enormous bounty. The seasons have come full circle and on the cusp of spring; peas, broad beans, cape gooseberries and scented stock take centre stage. The kitchen garden is a fine...

Aug 3, 2019

Now that the howling winds have subsided, Mickey delights in her annual pruning, allowing fresh air and light to penetrate the soil. Episode 11 is filled with news of broad beans, purple peas, lettuces and kale,  oranges, lemons and clementines too. And Mickey shares some important insect net tips. 

Jul 6, 2019

With the passing of the winter solstice, the cool season’s veg gather
momentum. Mickey reflects on the dual requirements of a kitchen
garden: that of supplying the kitchen, as well as providing a feast 
for the eye. Balancing the two is the name of the game. 

Jun 1, 2019

Mickey battles the winds as she reviews the kitchen garden before the shortest day arrives. Produce still abounds as autumn leaves blanket the ground and Glenmore prepares for winter.  Instagram: