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In the Kitchen Garden with Mickey

Feb 2, 2019

Mickey surveys the kitchen garden through the heat, chats all things fennel and the ripening - or not - of tomatoes!  Instagram: @glenmorehouse  

Jan 12, 2019

Post Christmas holiday, Mickey surveys the garden and begins to look forward to a bumper Summer crop.  Instagram: @glenmorehouse  

Dec 2, 2018

Mickey finishes the last of the seasonal changeover and turns her
thoughts to summer days. Instagram: @glenmorehouse 

Nov 3, 2018

The kitchen garden is a hive of activity as Mickey begins the seasonal garden bed rotation process and chats all things compost! 

Oct 8, 2018

Mickey walks us through early spring in her kitchen garden, awash with the scent of citrus blossom and alive with bees about their work. Early thoughts of crop rotation are on her mind whilst a cornucopia of spring produce is in her picking basket.

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