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In the Kitchen Garden with Mickey

Apr 6, 2019

Where crop rotation and seed are centre stage, Mickey itches  to sow the rest of the root veg as the Kitchen Garden straddles the seasons; farewelling summer and heralding the autumn.  Instagram:

Feb 2, 2019

Mickey surveys the kitchen garden through the heat, chats all things fennel and the ripening - or not - of tomatoes!  Instagram: @glenmorehouse  

Feb 2, 2019

Mickey completes our first full season and explains the traditional kitchen garden style of planting flowers for the house in amongst the vegetables.  Instagram:

Jan 12, 2019

Post Christmas holiday, Mickey surveys the garden and begins to look forward to a bumper Summer crop.  Instagram: @glenmorehouse  

Dec 2, 2018

Mickey finishes the last of the seasonal changeover and turns her
thoughts to summer days. Instagram: @glenmorehouse