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In the Kitchen Garden with Mickey

Jun 1, 2019

Mickey battles the winds as she reviews the kitchen garden before the shortest day arrives. Produce still abounds as autumn leaves blanket the ground and Glenmore prepares for winter.  Instagram:

May 4, 2019

The roots of the spring garden explained when we began chasing the seasons together, were firmly sown this time last year. Mickey resurfaces after a wonderfully intense Easter weekend in the garden; digging, barrowing, planting and sowing for a repeat performance this year.  Instagram:

Apr 6, 2019

Where crop rotation and seed are centre stage, Mickey itches  to sow the rest of the root veg as the Kitchen Garden straddles the seasons; farewelling summer and heralding the autumn.  Instagram:

Feb 2, 2019

Mickey surveys the kitchen garden through the heat, chats all things fennel and the ripening - or not - of tomatoes!  Instagram: @glenmorehouse  

Feb 2, 2019

Mickey completes our first full season and explains the traditional kitchen garden style of planting flowers for the house in amongst the vegetables.  Instagram: